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Cure Plantar Fasciitis in 6 Weeks

A New Paradigm for the Prevention of Foot Pain

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Says Lucy Johnson, Health and Science Editor. London Sunday Express

Cure Heel Pain in 5 Easy Steps

• Correct  • Profuse  • Stretch  •Strengthen  • Align

Heel pain and most ailments of the feet are the result of a lifetime of wearing footwear that is designed more for fashion than for function. This program is designed to reverse the damage that footwear has caused to your feet and provide a permanent solution for plantar fasciitis. It was developed by a board certified scientist and is based on the latest research. This is not a temporary fix, a massage technique, or a rehash of common information. Best of all, it really works!


NOTE: Six weeks is the average time to cure an acute case of plantar fasciitis. As stated in the book, chronic and advanced cases of plantar fasciitis may take longer to heal. Pleas see the free updated content of the Editions Program in the Member Resources section of this website for recommended footwear, updated links, and advances in treatment.

The Last Minute Prepper

It's Never Too Late to be Prepared


This Book is Your Emergency Action Plan

It is not too late. You can still be prepared, even when the store shelves are empty.
This Kindle book contains useful and actionable advice that you can use right now to keep your family alive and safe if things take a turn for the worse.


In late 2019, a spark ignited that and lit a worldwide crisis. How did most people respond? They panicked. Will mass unemployment become permanent? Will food shortages become a long-term problem? Will the water stop running? Will the electrical grid, internet communications, and news feeds shut down? Probably not, but if they do, then it is on you to be prepared.


NOTE: This book was formatted for an optimal reading experience on the Amazon Kindle platform. In so doing, Amazon's 'Look Inside' preview, which uses a different display technology, will be less than optimal. Rest assured that the downloaded Kindle book will provide a well formatted and pleasurable reading experience.

Surviving Caregiving

Challenges of a Caregiver


Just before her forty-second wedding anniversary Lois Moody received the worst possible news. Her husband, John, was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. He passed away nine months later with Lois and their daughter, Nicholle, by his side. As a registered nurse, Lois Moody shares the unique perspective of how her family faced the pitfalls, emotional strains, and daily struggles on their journey from diagnosis to release. This instructive and inspiring book is a must-read for all caregivers and those struggling with the terminal illness of a loved one. This narrative is for everyone who wishes to live a richer life by realizing what is important now; not in hindsight. "Live life while you are healthy. There will always be a reason to delay: money, work, and family obligations. Be selfish and enjoy each other. Life is short."

"Changed my father's life. He told me that it was the first book that he had read from start to finish in twenty years."

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