If you want to know the secret to happiness, then come closer, and I will whisper it in your ear. Ready? There is no secret to happiness. There are, however, secrets to happiness.


I am proud to say that I achieved true happiness. I live a content and relatively stress-free life with a high standard of living. I buy pretty much what I need, but I want for nothing. Best of all, I live with a woman who thinks of nothing but my happiness - as I do for hers. ​ At age 60, I have a full head of dark brown hair, no medical ailments, take no medications, and I am of average weight with a blood pressure of 125/75. I climb mountains, scale glaciers, and use my good health to live life to the fullest.

My life was not always like this. I spent many years dealing with crises in health, love, and finances. These days, I would not trade those experiences for the world. Without them to enrich me, I would not be the person I am today. Nor would I have had the experiences that led me to sponsor this website and write Strong and Happy, the book on which this website is based. If my book can help to enrich, enlighten, and bring happiness to only one life, then my ordeals were a price well paid.


I found that true happiness requires strengthening the five key factors that govern our lives. Most people focus on a few of these factors at the expense of the others. They achieve financial wealth and success only to find that they are miserable. This is because true happiness requires a harmonious blend of all these factors.

  • ​ A Strong Spirit

  • ​ A Strong Mind​​​

  •  A Strong Body​​

  •  A Strong Wallet

  •  A Strong Relationship


Unlike most authors who write books of this nature, I am not a psychiatric professional. So, what qualifies me to write this book? Nearly sixty years of experience spent in the pursuit of happiness. When I was eighteen years old, I was given the gift of being at death’s doorstep. Once again, when in my early thirties, I faced what doctors told me was a certainty of my demise. These experiences gave me an appreciation for drawing breath that most people do not have. In addition, I have not had an easy life. I made some bad decisions, and I won and lost both loves and fortunes. Most importantly, I learned from them. Best of all, I learned to be happy in spite of them.​


It took me fifty-five years to find true happiness. As a result, I wrote Strong & Happy with a goal to help the young achieve happiness at a far earlier age. The book was also written to help those in their later years, so they do not have to waste another precious day being unhappy.

Michael Armocida